Give Your Kids a Fun Way to Exercise and Learn Discipline

Sign up for kid's martial arts classes in Cheyenne, WY

Most kids, yours no doubt included, have an overabundance of energy. If you're looking for a structured, dynamic outlet for their energy, consider enrolling them in a class at Black Label BJJ of Cheyenne. Our kid's martial arts classes are open to children between the ages of five and 16. Children 16 and older can participate in our adult classes.

Speak with one of our kid's jiu-jitsu instructors by calling us at 307-757-0185 today and learning about our sign-up process.

What does our class structure look like?

When you sign up for kid's jiu-jitsu classes you can expect:

  • A warmup, to get your child ready for the class
  • Technique drills, where they'll learn new movements and practice previous ones
  • Live practice, where your child will try out what they learned
  • Fun games at the end of class, if everyone has demonstrated an effort to learn

Visit one of our kid's martial arts classes today to see if they're a good fit for your youngster.