Get in Shape and Learn How to Defend Yourself

Take jiu-jitsu classes in Cheyenne, WY

You've probably seen UFC fighters using jiu-jitsu in their matches. If you want to learn fighting techniques like theirs, reach out to Black Label BJJ of Cheyenne. We offer Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes in Cheyenne, WY. Whether you want to get fit or just want to learn how to properly defend yourself, our classes are perfect for you.

Enjoy the comradery and competitive spirit that comes with taking jiu-jitsu classes at our dojo.

How can you get started?

If you want to join our jiu-jitsu classes, start by:

  • Coming in during class hours to meet our coaches and learn about our pricing and schedules.
  • We'll explain our martial arts form and let you watch a class to help you decide if you want to enroll.
  • After a week of classes, we'll get you signed up for regular month-to-month paid classes.

Call us at 307-757-0185 today to find out when our Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes are held.